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TOEE: Session 1 - 0-Level Funnel Recap
Funnel Avoidance

Toee session1

The foolhardy band of peasants recruited as construction workers for a small keep has managed to thwart the DM’s funnel start. Extremely lucky not to have experienced a TPK, the party counterattacked the ambush of their caravan that was all part of the DM’s master plan for them to get captured by brigands as the beginning of the funnel adventure.

I love it.

I’ll be busy coming up with a new plan before the next session as the party now arrives in the village of Hommlett with some (small) measure of respect and wealth having defeated and in-turn robbed the robbers.

Above is a picture of the ambush. Who charges crossbowmen under cover up a hill with a dagger?!

Impressive but unlikely to work very often. (hint to players) However, only 3 of the 9 peasants were slain.

All told, each character gets 4 XP, so this funnel isn’t over yet.

Total loot:

(1) Longsword, Scabbard
(1) Suit of fine studded leather armor
(4) Daggers
(5) Crossbows
(3) Bolt cases
(14) Bolts
(2) Shortswords
(4) Spears

1 iron skeleton key on leather lanyard (was on brigand leader)
1 silver armband
1 silver chain necklace
1 copper ring

12 sp
38 cp
4 gp

Captain Fergus, the caravan master has told you that there is no charge for the caravan and since you essentially saved his bacon and his cargo from the brigands, that you can keep all of the loot from the brigands.

Total xp: 4

New Campaign: TOEE w/ DCC Session 1

We’re all set guys, see you tonight!

Dcc game

The Smell of Burning Flesh Permeates Your Nostrils
0-Level Death Funnel Session #1

OK, So I had to say “The smell of burning flesh permeates your nostrils” on only three occasions, and one character died so far.

You’ve been getting lucky!

Volunteer needed to write recap of session #1. Journal duties are worth bonus XP or luck bonuses for the character of your choice.


Session 1: Character Creation
Getting Started

The plan for session number one is to roll-up some 0-level characters and then run them through the “death funnel” to see how many live.

Each player will roll up 4 random scrubs – most will die horrible deaths in the first mini-dungeon.

Those that survive, will level up to level 1.

Don’t bring character sheets or complicated ideas about what kind of character you want to run, we’ll be rolling them up old-school style. 0 level and completely, and I mean completely randomly. Maybe that halfling chicken butcher you roll will live. Maybe not.

Either way, we’ll have tons of fun.


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