Campaign Overview

No phones

Gameplay Rules

T1 4 to ee cover

No electronic devices. That includes phones, iPads, laptops, dice rollers; anything not pen and paper only. Phones are only allowed for emergencies, but should still be used away from the game play area.


Homebrewed Greyhawk Campaign Setting
more details TBD
Expect a fairly familiar fantasy setting with the demi-humans dialed down a notch (but still there) and a little bit more gritty and dark. Still Greyhawk, but dialed over slightly towards swords and sorcery.



The Village of Homlett and the Temple of Elemental Evil modules T1 through T4, homebrewed with a 0-level funnel, side quests and a tweaked overall plot and re-arranged specifics to allow anyone who’s played these to not know what’s going on, but for everything to still be familiar.

The Village of Homlett is the perfect level of creepy, impending, evil doom for a DCC campaign and makes an excellent structure for me to design my own original adventures around.

Toee greyhawk map

Campaign Overview

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